• How long has Caring Hearts Home Care served this community?
    Since 2014

  • Does Caring Hearts Home Care have a brochure describing services?

  • Does Caring Hearts Home Care have a current license to practice ?
    Yes with Delaware Health and Social Services Delaware's Office of Health Facilities Licensing and Certification License # PASA- 047.

  • Does Caring Hearts Home Care offer a “Bill of Rights” that describes the rights and responsibilities of both the agency and the person receiving care?
    Yes, given to every client at the start of care or on request.

  • Does Caring Hearts Home Care prepare a care plan for the client (with input from the client and family members)?

  • Will Caring Hearts Home Care update the plan as necessary?
    Yes and it is reviewed every 90 days.

  • How closely do supervisors oversee care to ensure quality?
    Staff are monitored by supervisors on a daily bases for time and attendance and supervisors do unannounced visits to monitor direct care workers. New hires are monitored with training-and demonstration and are monitored in the field to assure that they can give the proper care.

  • Does Caring Hearts Home Care have members available around the clock, seven days a week, if necessary?

  • Does Caring Hearts Home Care have a supervisor available for on-call assistance at all times?
    Yes. We are available to speak with you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

  • Whom does Caring Hearts Home Care call if the home care worker cannot come when scheduled?
    An on call employee or supervisor.

  • How does Caring Hearts Home Care ensure client confidentiality?
    We ensure client confidentiality by giving information to employees on a need to know basis and have policy and procedures in place to insure that client confidentiality remains safe.

  • How are Caring Hearts Home Care caregivers hired and trained?
    They must pass a two part interview, background checks, drug testing, excellent service letters from past employers, and are our employees take a written test, given annual performance review and competency testing evaluation both written and demonstration.

  • How does Caring Hearts Home Care screen prospective employees?
    All new employees are given a two part interview, must complete a background checks that include fingerprinting, adult and child abuse registries, drug testing, health screen and service letters from past employers

  • What is the procedure for resolving problems, if they occur? Whom can I call with questions or complaints?
    We at Caring Hearts Home Care, LLC encourage you to discuss all concerns/grievances with us. When you call, ask to speak with the Director.

  • How will my concern/grievance be handled?
    The Caring Hearts Home Care has a formal grievance procedure that ensures that your concerns shall be reviewed and an investigation started within 24 hours. The Director or his/her designee will notify the Client/family within five (5) days of receipt of the concern/grievance by telephone, and/or by e-mail, fax or letter to confirm receipt of the concern/grievance, and to inform the individual(s) that the concern/grievance is under investigation. Every attempt shall be made to resolve all concerns/grievances.

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